Weekend Trip

i just got back home from a trip to oxford to visit my best friend jonathan at “the duplex of issac jenkins.”

we spent some time at the square looking at local artwork, browsing in the bookstore and bar hopping.

we also had a chance to admire the aged beauty of Rowan Oak, home to the late, southern writer, william faulker and his family. the interior decor looked like inspiration for the designs at anthropologie.

saturday night, we drove over to tupelo for a show by west of shake rag, the improv troupe that my sister-in-law, casey, has been participating in. i volunteered to be in one skit in which i had to make sounds effects for the actors. i think everybody was impressed with my abilities.

afterwards, we visited my brother’s house where i was loaded down with manga, lps and weird art mags.

my opinion of oxford is slightly more positive than before and it was nice to see some of my favorite people together.

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