i woke up around 11:00 today and worked on a new project while watching SNL episodes on hulu.com. i'm working on an amigurumi fox using paton's angora bamboo yarn that i purchased at hobby lobby a while back. i don't know where the digital camera is so i can't post any pictures yet.

i interviewed for an internship last thursday with digital opportunity trust, a program funded through americorps. they seemed to really like me so i filled out a bunch of paperwork dealing with taxes and direct deposits. now i have to mail some legal documents and get two people to fill out reference forms. i also have to take a drug test in cleveland by friday. there's a possibility that i'll interview for a managerial position as well which trumps the internship since it pays more.

during the next two weeks, i'll be volunteering at the greenwood little theatre during the summer workshop program. brendan will be there with me and i believe it will be his first experience acting on stage.

friday, i planned to go to memphis and visit the botanic garden, but the rain came down too hard, so my friend anna and i made a detour in sardis to visit the family of her recently deceased boyfriend. we also visited the library in oxford. it was a far cry from the evening i had planned. i don't like going to bars or casinos.

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