i woke up around 9:00 this morning and took a shower. i drove to viking range corporation’s head office and saw some of my old co-workers. i dropped off a reference form for tim, my former manager, to fill out for the internship job that i interviewed for last week. he was in a meeting with holly, marley, nick and matt. i forgot how much i love those people. i even found out that whit, who was laid-off the same time i was, and his wife, carolyn, are expecting a baby! marley had slimmed up, tim is as bubbly as ever and holly is still humorously sarcastic.

i have to say: my time at viking will never be repeated. i may have expressed discontent while i was employed there, but i consider the people i was working with day-to-day as very good friends. the fact that my employment ended with a very disheartening laid-off, followed by over a year of unemployment, discouraged me from continuing to share my life with these people.

after a few minutes of catching up, i drove over to my dad’s shop to see about getting my tires rotated. he had expressed some concern about the matter when he came to my house yesterday. i’ll have them rotated tomorrow. i also have to get the oil changed and replace the windshield wipers.

maintaining a car is so expensive yet completely necessary if you live in the south. everything is so far away from everything else. our cities were built for cars.

i spent the afternoon at the greenwood little theatre volunteering at the summer workshop. today was the first day. we had about 55 kids in attendance. they were able to play a few games and take turns doing a cold read of some of the skits that they’ll be performing at the end of next week. brendan seemed eager to get on the stage and perform so i think this will end up being a good experience for him.

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