i didn’t go to sleep last night. i read through a collection of articles about the recession on salon.com/life/pinched/. i fell asleep at 6:00am and woke up at 12:00pm. i ate a piece of raisin toast.

brendan spent the night at his grandparents’ house. i drove over there and ate lunch and watched a tv show about people with hoarding problems. then we went home and tidied up around the house.

i took a nap. i dreamed that i had an job interview, but instead of going to an office for the interview, the employer drove a van into my driveway where a lot of people were waiting to be interviewed as well. i think it was a job for the dollar tree.

brendan and i watched beetle juice again. i think that would be a good halloween costume for brendan. betelgeuse. betelgeuse. betelgeuse.

someone on etsy.com contacted me and said that she is going to include one of my stuffed animals in a treasury. this will increase exposure and hopefully lead to some sales.

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