woke up around 6:30am and got brendan ready for his first day of school. i packed a snack for him that he ended up eating for lunch because the lunch he was offered was too unfavorable. i'm going to pack his lunch tomorrow so he doesn't starve himself.

went to the federal building for my fitting as an extra in "the help." i saw connie black. i tried on a green velvet dress that was too tight in the hips. a fuschia dress that looked like a bridesmaid nightmare and an off-white dress with bead embroidery that fit just right.

i spent the afternoon working on a bath mat (sewing tiny glass beads onto berry stitches) and napping until brendan came home on the school bus. the driver didn't know that jefferson avenue is really two separate streets, so the bus didn't show up until 4:00pm.

we went to the grocery store and bought some school supplies from brendan's hand-written list. then, we ate pizza.

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