i woke up this morning around 10:00. i couldn’t fall asleep last night at a decent hour. i took a shower and then headed to the mechanic to have my tires rotated. dad offered to pay for the service and i never turn down dad’s money, even if it means adding another link to the chain that keeps me bound greenwood.

i stopped by viking to pick up my recommendation letter and then picked up some lunch from burger king. i started my period last night so i’m allowed to have junk food.

after eating, i went to the the theatre for the second day of the workshop. it started with an exercise in voice projection, then the kids split into groups to work on dance numbers, improvisation exercises, and a game of telephone. they took a break to eat some popsicles and then watched a good bit of the movie, “cat’s don’t dance.” we ended the afternoon with a game of “ships and sailors,” an exercise in taking direction.

i’m not sure if its just because brendan is naturally defiant or if it’s because i’m one of the helpers, but he’s giving me a hard time during this workshop. i’ve tried to explain to him thoroughly why he especially needs to follow the rules and behave properly, but as long as i’m in the room, i think he’ll continue acting out to get special attention from me, even if it’s negative attention.

when he misbehaves, it reflects badly on me and that’s the real reason i want him to follow the rules and respond to adults respectfully.

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