i woke up today around 10:00am when my mom called on the telephone. she kept brendan last night while i was working at larry’s fish house. i worked there on friday night, too. i ended up making a decent chunk of change, so it’s all good.

i started playing the sims 3 again. i think i revert back to playing that game when i start feeling out of control of the way my life is turning out. i’ve been officially unemployed for 14 months, although, i’ve had the opportunity to make a little bit of money through part-time work here and there. i’d really like to be in a position where i can start saving money again. right now, more money is going out than coming in.
i’m supposed to start training for my internship soon, but i’m still waiting on one of my references to return a form so i can mail a bunch of paperwork to hattiesburg.

i’ll be spending my afternoons at the theatre workshop again this upcoming week and since i found the digital camera, i’ll try to get some good pictures.

i would be working on my amigurumi fox, but i need to make another trip to jackson for supplies. i also need to get back to work on my birds of mississippi. i’ve just been so stressed about the job situation that i can’t bring myself to do the things love to do. i get discouraged so easily and even when i’m told that people like my work, i don’t believe them. my little brother said that artists who are determined to make a living from their artwork must be full of themselves. i don’t have that quality.

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