i woke up today around 9:00am. I took a shower and drove to my parents’ house to pick up brendan but stayed over there until lunchtime. apparently, brendan’s very interested in playing chess lately. i am not an avid chess player and i’m not quite sure how he found out about the game. i know he plays it sometimes with his grandfather.

we ate lunch at the park.

we spent the rest of the evening at home even though he was supposed to participate in the final performance of the theatre workshop. he didn’t want to do it.

i did some cleaning up on the back patio. i think i’m becoming more of a succulent person than a bulb person. bulb flowers are very beautiful when they bloom, but before you know it, they’re gone: spending the next 12 months replicating and storing energy for the next time they want to bloom. succulents don’t like a lot of attention. they stay the same all the time. safe. comfortable.

i received the training schedule for my internship. i was pretty sure i had the job, but i don’t like announcing things like this prematurely. i’ll be in training every day next week.

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